About Us

Who is The Boho Bride?

We're a Sydney-based wedding hire company with a difference run by a local Sydney wife and mother.

The Boho Bride was a concept formed after our founder had to organise her wedding in just 7 weeks on a budget.

She needed to organise the entire wedding (and fund it) in such a short timeframe and couldn't believe how much the costs added up - especially on all the items that you really only need for the day including things like:

  • Decorations
  • Clothes & accessories for the bride, groom and bridal party
  • Flowers etc.

Looking at trying to do the wedding cheaply, she found the only real options were completely DIYing everything, shopping second hand, or buying really tacky, plasticy items from wedding wholesale stores :'(

There was Etsy, but most of the nice and custom items were not made in Aus making the shipping and postage costs huge!

Our founder and her family are extremely waste conscious and care about their environment (especially with a new addition to the family in 2019!) and so the idea of offering a rental service for stunning, high quality & custom made items was born.

On our site you won't find any plastic (or many metal) items, you'll find lots of wood, macrame, lace and other natural textures.

Our items are generally boho / beachy or rustic / vintage and many are one of a kind or custom made.

We invest a large amount of time and money into the items we stock and we hope you love them as much as we do <3

I love the concept, but can't find what I'm looking for.

If you have a particular item in mind and can't find it in our collection, get in touch with us and we will do our best to source it for you! We are constantly adding to our collection and love hearing from brides to help us decide what to stock next!

What condition can I expect the items to be in?

We take great pride in our items and so you'll find them all in exceptional condition.

You may notice some slight wear and tear that comes with items that have been used before, but in many cases (eg in the case of our furniture) this adds to the rustic/boho vibe.

If any of our items are noticeably damaged and we believe that it impacts on the delight they'll provide to our bride, groom and their guests, we remove and/or replace it from our collection.

Items are always checked, cleaned etc when they are returned and alterations or amendments are made where needed to ensure the items are always in a great condition fit for your dream wedding.

How it Works

How does The Boho Bride work?

Step 1: Add items to your cart

Step 2: Complete checkout to confirm your reservation

Step 3: Pick up your items from Manly, Sydney

(Request a quote for outer Sydney postage, or Sydney-wide delivery &/or setup).

Step 4: Return your items by the due date

(Sydney-wide pick up can be organised at conclusion of your ceremony &/or reception for an additional fee)

I'm based in Sydney. Can I book a time to come in and try on multiple dresses?

Yes, we offer either a 30 minute try-on service which allows you to try on up to 3 of our dresses for $30, or a 60 minute try-on service which allows you to try on as many of our items as you like for $50.

These fees cover our time and any cleaning costs required after you try on the items.

We request that you remove any make-up or perfume before arriving to reduce any marks or smells left on the items.

We are located in Manly in Sydney's Northern Beaches. You can drive here or easily hop on a ferry from Circular Quay and we're around 10 minutes walk from Manly's ferry.

I'm based in another state / regionally. Can I hire from you?

You sure can! There are some items we can't post, but many that we can via standard post and/or courier.

Simply email us and we can discuss.

Shipping, Delivery & Returns

How do I pick up the items?

Pick up and drop off items for free from Manly, Sydney 2095.

Alternatively, many of our items can be posted out to you, in which case we'll include a return postage label plus instructions.

How much is shipping?

We will get a quote from the shipping company (we generally use Aus Post or Sendle) based on the items you're interested in hiring. 

Some items are quite bulky, others are not, so postage / shipping will really depend on what you decide to hire.

Feel free to email us a list of the items you're interested in, and your location, for a shipping estimate before you complete your reservation.

How do I return the items?

Drop off in Manly, Sydney 2095.

If your items were posted to you:

We usually give two options to our customers when it comes to returning the rented dress. 

The preferred option is courier pick up which means the dress is insured, and you don't need to go to the post office, someone will pick it up from your front door, and you don't need to be home for the courier either. However, this option requires that you have access to a printer. A shipping label will be generated 3 days prior to the return date and sent to you via email, you will need to print it out and attach to the provided plain mail satchel and leave it outside of your front door before 8am in the morning of the day you are due to return the dress. If printing is not an option for you, we will send you a prepaid Australia Post mail satchel for you to pop the dress in and lodge over the counter at your local post office.  

The dress is deemed returned when the parcel is scanned over the counter at your local post office or picked up by the courier arranged by The Boho Bride. Please ensure you return your parcel over the counter at your local post office, and avoid using the street side post boxes as parcels dropped in those usually don't get scanned and therefore won't have any tracking. If the dress is returned late and you are unable to provide any tracking information, a late fee will apply as there is no proof of you returning the dress on time. 

What if I return the items late?

The Boho Bride's standard rental period is 7 days for all dresses, the first day being the date of attempted delivery of the dress to You, and the return date being the 7th day from that day onwards. 

The items are deemed returned when the parcel is scanned over the counter at your local post office or picked up by the courier arranged by The Boho Bride. Please ensure you return your parcel over the counter at your local post office, and avoid using the street side post boxes as parcels dropped in those usually don't get scanned and therefore won't have any tracking. 

If your event was cancelled due to weather or sickness, we generally try to accommodate and extend the rental for you one way or the other, however, if you have not attempted to communicated to us in advance and the dress is not returned on its due date, a late fee of $20 per day will apply

I'm hiring a dress / dresses from you. Do I need to clean them before I return them?

No – we will professionally clean the dress upon it’s arrival back with us.

What happens if I return the items late?

You will incur a daily late fee of equivalent to 10% of your hire cost for the late item(s).

Dp you ship outside of Australia?

Currently we do not ship outside of Australia, however if we get enough interest from other countries we will review this.

Hire Fees & Associated Costs

Security bonds / deposits

We charge a security deposit payable on pick-up (or sending) of your reserved items.

The security deposit amount will depend on the total value of your hire.

This is to protect us from our items being damaged beyond repair, lost, or stolen.

This deposit will be refunded to you as soon as the items are returned (minus any costs for us to repair any damaged items or replace any lost / unreturned items).

To date, we have never had to use any deposit money for replacements and repairs, and we do understand that standard wear and tear will happen, so you'll only be charged if we believe that in order to continue hiring out the item to the satisfaction of our customers (and ourselves) we need to repair or replace it.

What if I want to cancel my order?

We understand that things happen (eg dates change or sometimes, weddings are even cancelled) - if something happens which affects your reservations, please get in touch with us and we'll try to work with you to find the best solution.

Please understand that it may be difficult for us to refund money based on change of mind, especially for highly popular items, as when we reserve an item for you for your wedding, it means it's not available for any other brides / grooms meaning your cancellation may mean lost revenue to us.


Item Loss or Damaage

What happens if I lose or never return an item?

If an item is lost, you will be charged the replacement cost of the item, which should be viewable on the product listing page.

What if I damage an item?

We understand there are circumstances under which certain wear and tear cannot be avoided, so you won't be charged for reasonable wear and tear. However, significant damages or irremovable damage to any of our items will result in charges to cover the cost of the repair, or even full replacement of the item(s). 

Please get in touch with us if you have damaged any of the items so we can discuss.