Giant Jenga



Beautiful handmade version of this traditional popular and fun building classic game that has stood the test of time. Now it’s a party! Get ready for bigger build-ups and bigger crashes, as the classic block-stacking, stack-crashing game Jenja now has its own giant counterpart!

Giant Jenjo is played by taking one block out of the tower at a time & placing it on top. The game finishes once a block/blocks falls from the tower. With a few other tricky rules (only using 1 hand & not being able to take from the top 2 levels).

Super portable.

  • Homemade Jumbo Jenjo consists of 54 individually sanded wooden blocks
  • Starting Height is 81cm & 21cm Wide
  • Comes in a box with rules & drinking game.
  • Overall Weight is 18kg

RRP: AU $125.

Cost to replace due to irreparable damage or item being lost: AU $125.

Rental Duration

7 Days


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